The Junior-K (5′s) classes are set up to continue development and prepare children for Kindergarten. Junior-K is for children who are ready for a more challenging curriculum and different structure but are not yet old enough for “big school” Kindergarten. These children need a transitional class providing the gift of time. This year allows them to continue growing at their own developmental pace in a class that is designed to meet their needs while preparing them for Kindergarten entry.

We work on building a solid foundation of fine motor skills, listening skills, social skills, and knowledge to prepare our children for Kindergarten. When these skills are in place, children can focus on the teacher and lesson being taught rather than struggling with their scissors or following directions that the teacher has given. We teach with Thematic Units that incorporate developmental milestones, math, science, literacy, letter recognition and sound, and best of all it is within a Christ-centered Biblical foundation. Character traits are interwoven in the lesson plan along with many activities including music and gross motor development. Junior-K is between Pre-K and Kindergarten. Our staff can help determine if this class is right for your child. Enrollment for Junior-K is 4 days per week.